Mock Study Design and Analysis, Variables and Hypotheses

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper with an introduction discussing your chosen Research Design, Measurement and Analysis, generally. Follow by indenting and expanding on the outline you submitted in Week 1.

Address the following points in your expanded outline; simplify to a few sentences for each point:

1- General Topic Area: social networks.

2- Specific Topic Area: social networks on mobile devices.

3- General Problem: more time is being spent accessing social networks and less time is being spent on more productive activities.

4- Specific Problem: the time adults spend accessing social networks on their mobile devices is cutting in the time they spend working, studying, and interacting with their families.

5- Purpose of the study: to raise awareness regarding the potentially wasted time being spent on social networks.

6- Research Question: To what extent does the access to social networks on mobile devices distract adults from working, studying, and spending time with their families?


7. The quantitative design that best addresses the RQ/s (experimental, quasi-experimental, predictive multivariate analysis (multiple regression, or other). [Simple descriptive or correlational research are not appropriate for this class, and generally not sufficient for a dissertation]:

8. The variables that will be measured in the design. Identify and operationally define your variables: Independent variables (IVs) [Three required]; and Dependent variable/s (DV/s). (Keep in mind your IVs are that which you "manipulate" and the DV is that which you measure.) Identify how you will measure each variable and define what kind of measurement this represents - nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio (Discrete [Categorical]; Continuous). Ensure that your type of data "fits" with your choice of analysis, by reviewing the assumptions required to meet a particular analysis in SPSS®.

9. The inferential statistical technique that will best serve to examine your variables. Usually, experimental and quasi-experimental designs use ANOVAs (MANOVA, ANCOVA); and correlational designs with multiple variables use multiple regression. Ensure when you discuss your analysis you use the appropriate language that is, using "effect" with measuring differences of means (groups) for an ANOVA; and using "relationship" and/or "prediction" with correlational designs.

10.The Hypotheses (Hyps). Include a null (H0- no significant findings); and an alternative (H1- significant findings) hypothesis to represent each variable that will be included in your analysis.

Ensure that your outline is aligned. Summarize your paper with a conclusion at the end of your paper which includes justification for your choices supported by references.

Format your paper so that it is consistent with APA guidelines.


Mock Study Design and Analysis, Variables and Hypotheses

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