Multimedia Systems Development

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1.  Read and understand the questions carefully.

2.  Take your assignment as an opportunity to raise your understanding for the course materials; work on it during the whole allowed period to provide original answers, do not wait for one day before the deadline to work on your assignment.

3.  This is an individual work, so make sure it is your own.

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This assignment worth 4 marks of the total course mark.



Question: Use your knowledge of IEEE/ACM Code of Ethics in Chapter 12 and Appendix C to Evaluate the “Case of Studies” given below. For each Case Study:

Book: (an introduction to digital multimedia second edition)

-          Mention the relevant Principle(s) (ex. Public)

-          Related to each mentioned Principle, also mention the related clause(s) (ex. 1. 01)

-          For each mentioned clause, give reasons for choosing that specific clause(s)

-          After doing all the above, provide solution to each case study. (Ex. In case study 1, Bob should think of………………..). Solution should consist of 6 lines at least.

Note that there can be more than one relevant Principles and Clauses for each study.



Case Study 1: (2 Marks)

Bob is an experienced software engineer at a renowned software company. An analyst named Mr. John is working on a project for the defense department of his company, testing the software used in an airplane. Bob is the quality control manager for the software. Early simulation testing revealed that, under certain conditions, instabilities would arise causing plane to crash. The software was debugged and modified accordingly to fix the problems uncovered by the initial tests and hence, the software passed all the simulation tests after the modifications.

Despite the above testing and debugging, Bob is still not convinced that the software is safe. He is worried that the software may have a design flaw that can only be fixed using extensive redesigning. Bob is also convinced that the technique applied to fix the initial problems is not up to the mark and it did not actually address the underlying problem.

Now, Bob brings this issue to his supervisor who assures Bob that the problem has been resolved. However, the supervisor also tells Bob that any kind of redesigning would waste our efforts and will cause unnecessary delays, resulting in lots of money for the Software company. Bob has to deal with lot of pressure in order to step back from his opinion and let the software tested on the plane. He has also been notified (rather indirectly) that if he continues to persist in delaying the system, he will be fired. What should Bob do in the current situation?



Case Study 2: (2 Marks)

Ann is an IT consultant. Her job is to give advises to small businesses regarding their computer needs. Basically, Ann examines and evaluates company’s operational requirements and suggests the related hardware and software to meet those requirements. Recently, Ann has been hired by a small private hospital interested in upgrading their IT system especially the system for patient records and accounting.

Hospital announced the “call for proposals” in order to receive bids (or proposals) and they have received several. Now, Ann has to evaluate these proposals. Being an experienced professional, Ann examined the received proposals carefully judging these on the basis of the systems proposed, the experience of the companies that bid, and the costs and benefits of each proposal.

Ann concluded that a company known as Alpha Tech had proposed the best system for the hospital, and therefore, she recommended that the hospital should buy the Alpha Tech system. Ann also gave details explaining on why she thinks the Alpha Tech bid was the best. However, she did not reveal that she has (hidden) ownership shares in Alpha Tech. Was the behavior of Ann ethical?

While giving your answers do not forget the point that Ann sincerely evaluated all the proposals as a true professional. She strongly believes that the bid provided by Alpha Tech is the best.

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