ORG/716 Organizational Theories Matrix

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Organizational Theories Matrix


Complete the matrix by listing at least five organizational theories and the correlating theorists, concepts, strengths, and weaknesses of each theory. Answer the questions following the matrix. Include a reference page consistent with APA guidelines, and primary sources where available.

Organizational Theories

Author and Year

of Inception

Description of Theory

Effect of Theory on Organizational Change

Transaction Cost Theory




Rational Systems Theory – Open




Rational Systems Theory – Closed




Natural Models Theory – Open




Natural Models Theory – Closed




Contingency Theory




Institutional Theory




Network Theory




Critical Theory




Humanistic Theory




Agency Theory




Postmodernism Theory






Answer the following questions based on your research and the matrix:


1.     What is organizational theory? Why does organizational theory matter?





2.     Which theories or theorists differ from your views on organizational design? Why?





3.     What theories have guided your organization’s successes or failures? How?





4.     What are the challenges of finding primary sources as compared to secondary sources in researching organizational theories?



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