Part A: CMRS 1 and 2

For this assignment, you will develop and submit two (2) Committee Member Recommendation Sheets (CMRS). As explained on the Course Project - Introduction page, in order to accomplish this -- for each CMRS -- you will need to:

  1. Identify a specific Law/Regulation/Standard that each healthcare facility needs to be aware of and comply with during regular business in the USA.
  2. Determine who (which job title) at the Livewell facility should monitor for that particular Law/Regulation/Standard.
  • This determination is made by identifying who, by virtue of their normal role at Livewell, is the most likely person that would identify risk for breaking this law. This person will be recommended for the Compliance Committee by completing a Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS).
  • Download this list of Compliance Committee Member Options with brief descriptions to assist your decision-making process.
  • Complete a Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS)
  • Part A: Course Project Narrative
    Write a 2 page narrative in the template provided, using proper spelling and grammar, which contains:

    1. A thesis statement for this assignment.
    2. A table that lists each of the laws/regulations/standards that you identified in Course Project submissions for Parts A, B, and C.
    3. 2 to 3 sentences justifying your recommendation for each of the 6 Committee Members.
    • These justifications will help hospital administration understand and evaluate the reasoning behind your recommendations for each Compliance Committee Member.
    • Note: 2 to 3 sentences for each of the 6 committee members would result in 12 to 18 complete sentences total taken from submissions for Parts A, B and C.
  • A wrap-up paragraph or summary paragraph that concludes the narrative.
  • Compliance Committee Member Options with Brief Description


    ·         HIM Director: oversees the management, retention and completion of patient documentation plus manages coding

    ·         Med Staff Office/Credentialing Specialist: coordinates hiring contracts and hiring requirements for physicians

    ·         Risk Management Officer: responsible for early detection and prevention of risk and accidents at the facility

    ·         Human Resources Director: manages the hiring of staff, discipline of staff and coordinates workplace safety

    ·         Patient Accounts Director: oversees the accuracy and timely filing of patient bills to insurance and patient

    ·         Nursing Administration Director: directs the clinical care provided to patients and the processes used to deliver care which includes oversight of all nursing managers

    ·         Quality Improvement Manager: leads activities that provide more efficient and streamlined workflow in hospital environment which includes both clinical areas and non-clinical areas

    ·         HIPAA Privacy Officer: oversees all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation and maintenance of the organization privacy policies in accordance with federal and state laws

    ·         Patient Advocate Manager: Alerts legal department of potential issues and presents patient complaints to administration. Proposes resolutions for patient complaints, advocates for the patient, and strives to improve the hospital’s reputation.


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    Health Information Compliance - Course Project - Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS)

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