Police Operations

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation on police operations in which you address the following: What are the various functions of police agencies? Under what Constitutional authority are officers able to make arrests, conduct searches, and interrogate people? Provide a minimum of two examples of police corruption or other police misconduct that have occurred in the last ten years. Include a summary of each situation and how the issues were handled. Be sure one of your examples is the article you presented and discussed with your collaborative group. How does discretion play into police corruption and misconduct? Significant comments (150 words or more per each slide) and APA-formatted references accompanying each slide are to be included in the Notes section for each slide of the PowerPoint presentation. Ensure an introduction and a conclusion is included as part of the presentation. (Speaker's notes are also included for introduction conclusion.) Title "page" slide is to include standard required elements - title of assignment, author, course, date, faculty's name. Presentations submitted based solely on your personal insights and observations or solely from the assigned text readings will not receive a favorable score for content/development. As such, assignment must cite at least two academic and/or peer-reviewed sources (references) in order to validate content - see Instructor Policies regarding peer reviewed sources.
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