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This discussion is your opportunity to develop a community with your classmates and the instructor while evaluating a variety of digital and assistive technologies for supporting diverse learners. It also introduces you to the concept of technology in education through an informative video so that you can establish a preliminary viewpoint on the issue of technology usage in education. Some of you will have had prior courses together, others have not. Regardless, this discussion is our dedicated time to get acquainted and create a foundation of classroom community for the weeks ahead. It is also an opportunity for you to connect with classmates that may eventually serve as part of your professional learning network after graduation. With that in mind, please view your introduction not as a routine task to begin the course, but rather an opportunity to develop a professional support system for the next six weeks and beyond.

To prepare for this discussion, first review the Week One Instructor Guidance and view the video Moyers & Company: Who's Widening America’s Digital Divide? (2013) from the Films on Demand database in the Ashford University Library. Additionally, prior to providing your initial response to the discussion, you will complete the preparation activities described below. If you are unable to complete the digital aspect of this assignment please contact your instructor immediately because your initial post is due on Day 1 of the course!

Initial Post: You can create your three-to-five slide media introduction using presentation software of your choice, such as PowerPoint, Slide Rocket, or Jing. Alternatively, you can choose to create a two-to-three minute video introduction using options such as YouTube or Refer to the Week One Recommended Resources list for access to these recommended options. Be sure to attach or link your creation to your initial post. Regardless of which technology you choose, your introduction will include the following components:

Your full name The degree and/or specialization you are following (Special Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Family and Community Services, Higher Education, etc.). Your goal for using your earned master’s degree and the level of experience you have pertaining to education. Consideration of the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for this course as shared in the Syllabus. Questions to consider include: How will your mastery of each CLO make you marketable in the profession or position you are pursuing? How might it make you more effective in your practice? Consideration of the Final Project in Week Six. Briefly describe your early understanding of the Final Project and impressions overall, considering it is not a traditional formal writing assignment. Questions to consider include: What role will you select when preparing this project (educator or community center representative)? What about this project is exciting to you? What concerns you and why? How might your participation in this project further support what you will be learning about technology integration and potentially add to your professional knowledge and/or skill? Guided Response: Post replies to at least three peers before the close date of this discussion. In your replies, consider asking questions of peers about their responses to encourage further conversation. Consider selecting a peer who is following the same specialization you are as well as one who has selected a different specialization. Provide specific feedback regarding each point of discussion, including additional remarks on how mastery of each CLO could support their marketability and potential effectiveness in their professional practice.

Additionally, remark upon their early impressions of the Final Project. If their early understanding provided additional insight for you, tell how. Conversely, provide them with additional insight if you have a different understanding. How do your areas of excitement and concern differ? What similarities, if any, do you share? Can you think of any other ways that their professional practice may be impacted by what will be learned and applied through the Final Project? Though three replies is the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you (including the instructor) to further the conversation and develop a classroom community with peers and your instructor.

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