principle of marketing

It is very important to make sure that you align your pricing strategy with your target market and branding strategy. Below are various different businesses and pricing strategies.
· Match each business with the pricing strategy that you believe the business is using.
· Discuss why you think the business is using the pricing strategy that you did.
Pricing Strategy
Penetration Pricing Pricing Skimming Premium Pricing Competitive Pricing Economy Pricing Promotional Pricing

Bentley Motors Motorola Kohl’s Dish Network
Week 6 discussion due may 11 2019
Businesses commonly use celebrities to endorse their products, meaning they feature a celebrity in the commercial holding the product, using the product, or talking about the product. Other times businesses have the celebrities wear, use, or talk about their products in their everyday lives, in interview, and when they are out in public. So, with this concept in mind:
· Out of Beyonce, Jimmy Falon, Bill Gates, or Kelly Clarkson, who would you use to endorse Diet Pepsi in attempts to reach the teen population between 12-19? Why have you decided upon this celebrity? How does this celebrity align to the new target market?
· Now, which media channels would you use to reach the particular target market with this your selected celebrity endorser? How would you get your celebrity to actually endorse the product, based upon the discussion board introduction?
Due may 18 2019 
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Saturday, May 11, 2019


discussion week 6 and 7

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