Problem Statement Development and Analysis

For this Discussion, you will prepare an Approach Statement in which you will tell the reader how you plan to complete draft of your problem statement, as part of Week 3 Discussion 2.

For the Approach Statement , you need to detail the steps you will take to prepare a draft of how you will go about formulating a problem statement. Consideration should also be given to the alignment between the general problem, specific problem, gaps in the literature, research objectives, and research questions.

Your Approach Statement should be sufficiently detailed so that anyone can use your instructions and replicate how you prepared the problem statement.

The Discussion Rubric and any handouts or resources your Instructor provides this week may be of help to you when “thinking about your thinking” and the steps you will take to formulate a research problem.

The format for the assignment is equivalent to a recipe in a cookbook. A good recipe is one that anyone can read and replicate what you have done.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 2 your Approach Statement in the form of a bulleted list of the steps you will take to formulate the first draft of your Problem Statement. As an alternative to a bulleted list, you may present your Approach Statement as a flow chart, PowerPoint, or any format that may help you to visualize the process of preparing a problem statement. Full sentences are not necessary. Word count should not exceed 700 words.

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