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Imaginethat you have been asked to create a one (1) day professional development workshop for other adult educators that best fits the title of “Adult Learning Theory: The Essentials Presented in One Day”. Createa hierarchy of five (5) of the most important topics that you believe should be addressed in this one (1) day workshop. Provide a rationalefor each of the five (5) topics.

Adult educators are those instructors that provide basic training and education to adults. The one-day professional training workshop is designed specifically to provide essential training to the educators that will help them with their teaching strategies on the title “Adult Learning Theory.” The following therefore are vital topics that I believe should be tackled in that workshop day.


1.    Student adjustment and Attendance

Since the educators will be dealing with their adult students, it is essential to address the issue of student adjustment and attendance for smoother transition and intervention to prevent early and late drop out of their adult students.


2.    Resource Alignment

Reading throughfor resource alignment in the workshop day ensures that adult educators will not merely teach what the existing curriculum focuses on, but also offer lessons centered on what the demands of College & Career Readiness Standards (CCRS).


3.    New School Information Session

This topic is essential when it comes to the provision of frameworks for enlightening the social behavior practices of the schools as well as assisting the influence of educational instruction on success and increasing proactive supervision.


4.    Foundational Skills

The principal focus of this topic in the workshop is based on written response that concentrates on areas of growth and strengths clearly associated to the rubric and observable teaching space practices/evidence.


5.    Moving from Compliance to Coherence

This topic provides an opportunity through which instructors from corner to corner within the state can share their auspicious practices with other adult edaucators.


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Professional Development Workshop Reflection

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