Professional Ethics Presentation

One of your most important ethical responsibilities as a classroom teacher is your role as a mandatory reporter of child abuse and neglect. This is a side to your future work as a teacher that you may hope you will never experience. Yet it requires that you be fully prepared and fully understand what is expected of you.

In Week 2, you worked with an interactive timeline to place key events and education theorists in the history of U.S. education. Your purpose in using the timeline was to both demonstrate your knowledge and to gain experience with an effective teaching and learning tool. Your Assignment this week has a similar purpose. A PowerPoint document can be another effective classroom tool. It is a technology application that students can use for project presentations or other work products. It is one that you can use in sharing information with students, parents, or school colleagues.

For this Assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses key areas of professional ethics. As you create your presentation, imagine you are preparing it for the next group of BSEE students who will take this course. Make your goal to create a PowerPoint presentation that has the quality and comprehensiveness to be a course resource.

To prepare:

  • Review the book excerpt "Once Upon a Time" from the Week 5 Learning Resources. Keep in mind the narrator is a teacher describing her own experience with a former student and how she responded. Consider the details in the story that might signal signs of child abuse or neglect.
  • Access the "Professional Ethics Presentation" template and the Code of Ethics for Minnesota Teachers, available in the Week 5 Learning Resources
  • Review all resources for this week.
  • Review the six areas of professional ethics included in the template:
    • Ethical Behavior
    • Mandatory Reporting
    • Confidentiality
    • Academic Integrity
    • Digital Ethics
    • Professional Dispositions
  • Review the final slide on Rachel. Consider the decisions the teacher made and offer recommendations based on what you learned this week.

    Note that you have up to two slides for each topic. You are required to fill at least one slide for each area and may use both slides.
  • Review Week 5 Learning Resources for information on each focus area of professional ethics.
  • Review the guidelines for creating an effective PowerPoint presentation.
  • Consider key information to include in your PowerPoint presentation.

To complete this Assignment:

  • Using the "Professional Ethics Presentation" template, summarize key information every educator should know to guide professional behavior and fulfill legal obligations.
  • For each focus area, list up to five bullets with information.
  • In the Notes section of the PowerPoint slides, write the script that you would use to explain each set of points.
  • Cite all Learning Resources in APA style.

Assignment 5 is a PowerPoint document of 6 to 12 completed slides, plus the cover slide.

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