Professional Responsibility and Protection of the Public

Select one study from the following list:

  1. Nazi Germany Experiments (WWII)
  2. Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (1932-1972)
  3. Statesville Penitentiary Malaria Study (1940s)
  4. Human Radiation Experiments of 1946
  5. Germ Warfare Tests (1949-1969)
  6. Willowbrook Study (1963-1966)


Develop a slide presentation, containing a title slide, 10-12 slides of content, and a references slide, focusing on the chosen study. Your presentation must incorporate:

  1. A summary of the study conducted which includes a description of the intended outcome and a description of the population selected to participate.
  2. A discussion of the risks associated with participation and whether or not study participants were informed and fully aware of the potential risks.
  3. A discussion of whether or not the rights and welfare of participants were protected.
  4. A discussion of the ethical issues related to the conduct of research and the role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) in protecting research participants.

To create your presentation you can use PowerPoint or a program such as Prezi ( Speaker's notes must be included for each individual slide. A minimum of three references must be used. APA Format

Field of study: 


Professional Responsibility and Protection of the Public

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