Project Management of Information Technology

Part 1: Think of a recent change that occurred at your college, in your community, or in the news. Use the three-sphere model for systems management and brainstorm issues related to the change based on the business, technology, and organization spheres. Write a summary of your reasons for selecting these issues.

Answer : The three-sphere model of systems management deals with the business, organizational and technological aspects and/or  issues related to the project that should be defined and considered in order to select and manage projects effectively and successfully. As for the organizational aspect, matters involving the stakeholders should be taken into full consideration.

The college has decided to introduce unique identification number to each student depending on the location, course, and level of the degree. To implement the project the PM of this has to think about three sphere Business, Organization and technology. The three spheres must address the below issues.


·           What will the ID Number project cost the university?

·           What will it cost the students?

·           What will the support cost be?

·           Will there be additional maintenance costs?


·           How will the ID Number project affect the students and faculty?

·           How will it affect the past students and current students?

·           Who will manage the implementation?

·           How would you transition all the students to the new system?


·           How would the numbers be generated?

·           How will changing the ID from social security to random numbers affect the identity of the student or faculty?

·           Will there need to be a program change for the ID number project?

·           Will it affect the ID card system?


Part 2: List five to ten specific things that project managers can do to help manage stakeholders. Provide some examples of successful and unsuccessful relationships with project stakeholders. This will require you to perform some outside research on the subject.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019


ITM 5200 Project Management of Information Technology

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