PSY 605 Week 1 Discussion 1

Prior to completing this discussion, please read the Hudson-Barr (2004) article and the American Psychological Association (2003) article that are required for this week. For your initial post, the class will be split into three groups by first letter of last name with each group reading and commenting on an assigned article. Please see below for your assigned group.

Bandura, A., Ross, D., & Ross, S. A. (1961). Transmission of aggression through imitation of aggressive models. Journal of Abnormal & Social Psychology, 63(3), 575. Retrieved from the EBSCOhost database.

Read your assigned article with a specific focus on the methods utilized for the study. In your initial post, you will identify the research question(s) and/or problem(s), the target population and sample (specific group within the target population), the measures (tests, instruments, and/or questionnaires used), and the procedures (how the study was conducted) presented in the article. Using the identified elements, evaluate and comment on the benefits and limitations of the methodology utilized to study the scholarly perspectives presented in your assigned research article.

Analyze ethical considerations by addressing any issues or concerns arising from the methodology presented. Are there perceivable biases in the research methods or procedures? Were the ethical considerations clearly addressed in the study and/or discussed with regard to the treatment of the sample?

Propose solutions or suggestions for how to adapt the methodology in the assigned article to address any ethical concerns or limitations noted. Describe how these changes would address the limitations of the study as well as any ethical concerns. Also note the current relevance of the changes and their application to developmental trends and practice,.

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