PSY/305 Assignment

Resources: American Psychological Association and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics websites

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following: Describe at least three benefits of majoring in psychology. Compare similarities and differences between two areas of specialization in psychology, and provide an example of a career in each specialization (Developmental, School, Counseling, Clinical, Experimental, Health, Sports, Social, Industrial/Organizational are specializations). Specialization Example: Health Psychology (career - health educator in a hospital) discuss "health psychology" and what a "health educator in a hospital does". Another Example: Clinical Psychologist (career - working in a mental hospital) discuss "clinical psychology" and the career as a psychologist in a mental hospital. Of those two careers, discuss the training required and the average salary. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
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Three benefits of majoring in psychology: similarities and differences of Gerontologist and health psychologists

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