PSYCH 525 Week 7 Psychology

Personality Disorders

The DSM-V currently recognizes 10 personality disorders and two provisional personality disorders (see below).

Research any of these 12 personality disorders and share your results with the class.

Within your post, tell a little bit about the disorder, share something that you found particularly interesting and/or disturbing about the disorder, and also provide a link to a case study associated with the disorder with an accompanying account of the highlights of this case study. As a reminder, a case study is an in-depth study and analysis of a single patient or a small group of patients who suffer from a particular disorder.

Please avoid doing one another student has done until all disorders have been used at least once – so be sure to read the message board before doing your research.

The following is a list of the twelve personality disorders: 1.Paranoid 2.Schizotypal 3.Schizoid 4.Histrionic 5.Narcissistic 6.Antisocial 7.Borderline 8.Avoidant 9.Dependent 10.Obsessive Compulsive (this is obsessive compulsive personality disorder, not obsessive compulsive disorder—two different disorders) 11.Passive-Aggressive 12.Depressive Personality Disorders

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