Public Health and Social Responsibility

  • Medical marijuana would be a great one, I personally believe in it. 


    • Describe the current status of your public health topic.


    • Explain the legal and ethical issues related to your public health topic.


    • Explain the impact of this public health topic on managers and organizations in the health care industry.


    • Research at least three examples of ways health care organizations and managers have addressed this public health issue and demonstrated social responsibility.


    • Recommend five strategies managers and organizations could use to be more socially responsible for trying to correct the legal and ethical issues related to the topic.
      • Provide a brief description of each strategy.


    • Select one of the strategies discussed and explain why it is the best strategy to use for the public health topic selected
    • I can also organize the power point, input the transitions, and create the introduction and summary slide.

    Please make sure that all slides match speaker notes and if you are citing on a slide please make sure that it is noted on the slide for credit. Any questions please reply to this thread. Thank you

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Date Due: 
Monday, March 25, 2019


Public Health and Social Responsibility

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