Quantitative Annotated Bibliography

Quantitative Annotated Bibliography

Two Quantitative  peer reviewed Nursing Journal articles

In this week’s discussion question you were asked to consider a potential problem (appropriate to your role option) that you would like to investigate through nursing research. For this assignment you will review current research from South’s Online Library and provide a critical evaluation on that research through an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a brief summary and analysis of the journal article reviewed. For more information on annotated bibliographies please visit Purdue’s OWL: Purdue Online Writing Lab

A total of two annotated bibliographies are to be submitted (not to exceed one page each). The articles must come from nursing scholarly literature and may not be older than 5 years since publication. Please note that the articles must be research based and reflect a quantitative methodology (review our reading assignments). Web pages, magazines, textbooks, and other books are not acceptable.

Each annotation must address the following critical elements:

  • Explanation of the main purpose and scope of the cited work
  • Brief description of the research conducted
  • Value and significance of the work (e.g., study’s findings, scope of the research project) as a contribution to the subject under consideration
  • Possible shortcomings or bias in the work
  • Conclusions or observations reached by the author
  • Summary as to why this research lends evidence to support the potential problem identified specific to your role option.

Week 1 Midweek assignment is coming up and you are required to post two Quantitative  peer reviewed Nursing Journal articles in the Quantitative Annotated Bibliography  outline from Questions for Professor  that is included here with an example of a completed Bib.

Article  One

Post your article reference here (APA format) - no reference page needed


Name your topic here:30 day hospital readmission


Main Purpose and Scope    (of the article)


Brief Description of Research

             Name the Design and general scope of the study

Value and Significance of Work

            Findings from this study indicated ....

Possible Shortcomings or Bias

           Limitations and  bias- see textbook for definitions. – Note!! For Quantitative studies (large samples) are required.  Conversely, Qualitative studies require very small sample. Therefore a small sample in a qualitative study is NOT a bias or a limitation.


Conclusions or Observations

     How does this study enhance EBP, Advanced Practice, the target population etc...  


Summary of Evidence Supporting Research Problem

          This section is about YOUR research problem. Why does this article provide support?


Example of QN Annotated Bib Below

As noted earlier, one page per article is sufficient – Most students just post one after the other using the outline headings for each article.


Annotated Bibliography

Casey, G. (2014). Understanding Chronic Pain. New Zealand Journal Of Nursing, 20-24.


 My study topic is Chronic Pain


Main Purpose

This journal article seeks to differentiate between acute and chronic pain, outline the consequences of chronic pain, discuss the therapeutic interventions, and to describe the role of analgesic medications in managing the symptoms of chronic pain.  .

Description of Research

The design of this article was a meta-analysis (various designs) of current research in chronic pain pathophysiology and treatment The research content of this article centered around current literature and trials on chronic pain treatment. Chronic pain is pain lasting more than six months or past expected recovery times. (Casey, 2014).

Value of Work

 The value of this work is in the assimilation of the different modalities available for the management of chronic pain. This article expands upon the different integrated strategies in use by major medical centers at this time.  This study finds that an integrated multimodal approach in pain treatment is far superior to a single pharmacological approach.


Any possible shortcomings in this work would stem from its lack of a defining pathway for the treatment of patients. It references many different modes of therapy, and can be confusing to the reader at times.


The meta-analysis design focused on techniques from all studies in the article.  The meta-analysis focuses on similarities, differences and pertinent findings in the included studies.  Consequently, a defining pathway would not be a priority for this study.

Summary of Evidence Supporting  Research Problem

In conclusion, this was a useful tool in the understanding of chronic pain pathways, yet the article fell short in its lack of a defining pathway for patient treatment. My expectation for a defining pathway was ill-founded using meta-analysis design.

Field of study: 
Date Due: 
Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Quantitative Annotated Bibliography

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