SO245 Lesson 2 Exam

Question 1 (5 points)
In a modern society's decision making, which of the following institutions comes closest to playing the role formerly filled by a council of tribal elders?
Question 1 options:

a)Labor unions

b)State governments

c)Interest groups


Question 2 (5 points)
With respect to establishing a just and virtuous social order, how does Braid Reid characterize the role of the legal system in the world of business?
Question 2 options:

a)It's a vital tool when properly applied.

b)It can be effective, but only when competitors agree to trust each other.

c)It's ineffective, as it's the default position when trust is absent.

d)The legal system can assure ethical behavior in the settlement of disputes.

Question 3 (5 points)
All of the following are considered corporate stakeholders, except
Question 3 options:



c)community members.

d)society at large.

Question 4 (5 points)
Why was the queen of Hawaii deposed?
Question 4 options:

a)She was heavily indebted to the Dole Company.

b)She wanted to restore Hawaiian sovereignty.

c)She sought to raise tariffs on import products.

d)She threatened an armed revolt against American occupation.

Question 5 (5 points)
To attract investors and increase profits, corporations do all of the following, except
Question 5 options:

a)suppress wages.

b)lower staff numbers.

c)replace people with automation.

d)reduce executive compensation.

Question 6 (5 points)
In tribal societies, the nuclear family is embedded in a(n)
Question 6 options:

a)communal group.

b)kinship system.

c)fictional group.

d)extended nuclear family.

Question 7 (5 points)
Socially accepted codes of behavior are called
Question 7 options:





Question 8 (5 points)
Which legal principle asserts that shareholders should be first in line to benefit from company profits?
Question 8 options:

a)Return on investment

b)Executive compensation

c)Investor attraction

d)Fiduciary responsibility

Question 9 (5 points)
Parsons's concept of integration corresponds to Carl Jung's psychic function of
Question 9 options:





Question 10 (5 points)
Which of these is a characteristic of an objective mode culture?
Question 10 options:

a)Knowledge is acquired through abstract concepts.

b)Understanding relies on insight and intuition.

c)Mental processing follows a nonlinear view.

d)Culture depends on imagination to seek patterns and connections.

Question 11 (5 points)
Enron executives used _______ to falsify financial statements.
Question 11 options:

a)stockholder knowledge

b)employee pensions

c)creative accounting

d)independent reviewers

Question 12 (5 points)
According to Egbert Schuurman, which statement is true regarding economic transactions prior to the Industrial Revolution?
Question 12 options:

a)Craft guilds and artisan associations avoided economic involvement.

b)Codes of conduct were considered vital to the social order.

c)The spread of new technologies balanced the social equation.

d)Economic transactions were an important aspect of social relations.

Question 13 (5 points)
The term _______ applies when corporations refuse to take responsibility for ecological and social damage, such as water pollution, caused by their operations.
Question 13 options:


b)operational contingencies

c)free will

d)classical conditioning

Question 14 (5 points)
According to Armstrong, _______ refers to the capacity to form bonds with particular aspects of our surroundings.
Question 14 options:





Question 15 (5 points)
For the first sixteen years of Ben & Jerry's operations, the ratio between the lowest paid employee to the highest paid top executive was 1 to
Question 15 options:





Question 16 (5 points)
Which statement best describes the views of behaviorist John Watson?
Question 16 options:

a)All human behavior amounts to differentiating pleasure and pain.

b)Free will is the unpredictable aspect of human behavior.

c)About 50 percent of human behavior results from classical conditioning.

d)All human behavior amounts to patterns of stimulus and response.

Question 17 (5 points)
Which psychologist claimed classical conditioned played the central role in explaining human behavior?
Question 17 options:

a)Carl Jung

b)John Watson

c)Brad Reid

d)Ivan Pavlov

Question 18 (5 points)
Which of Jung's psychic functions corresponds to the concept of goal setting?
Question 18 options:





Question 19 (5 points)
Why was it a problem for Nestle to market artificial formula to impoverished women in developing countries?
Question 19 options:

a)The women were barely literate.

b)Clean water was scarce.

c)Fuel was required to prepare the product.

d)All of the above

Question 20 (5 points)
For Parsons, which social requisite is associated with a society's economic system?
Question 20 options:




d)Goal setting

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Date Due: 
Saturday, June 13, 2020


SO245 Lesson 2 Exam

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