strategic management

1- Here is an interesting article I read on skills and qualifications.'s assume you are the HR VP for a Fortune 500 firm. What general guidance would you give your HR directors and hiring managers on qualities, qualifications and skills you are looking for in the new hires? What one quality articulated in the above article do you feel is first among equals and why? (150 words) 2- core competency ( explain and give example on company your team is using ) (150 words) 3- What role do long-term objectives play in helping the enterprise make appropriate strategic choice decisions? How do distinctions between value disciplines, and generic and grand strategies help build competitive advantage? (150 words) 4- What are some disadvantages of low-cost leadership? Is it possible to have a differentiation orientation and a low-cost orientation at the same time? Why or why not?

5- What are the strengths and limitations of The Portfolio Approach? (150 words) 6- How does the Corporate Parent Role help remote strategic business units improve performance? (150 words)

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