A Supportive Climate

In Chapter 6, you learned about the six elements of a supportive climate.

Please provide and briefly discuss an example from your workplace of each element

1) Evaluate: you will listen to what is being said and be non-judgemental. Focus on the speakers ideas.

2) Problem Oriented: This is when you look for a decision that will satify both speaker and listeners

3) Spontaneous: when you will be honest with the speaker.

4) Empathy: you will be understanding about the speaker feelings verbal and non-verbal.

5) Equality: you will speak to the listener pr speaker at the same level of importance.

6) Provisional: this is when the person believes they are correct but are willing to listen to their options Your response should be at least 75 words.

Please use complete sentences.

Check for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 
 IMPORTANT Include reference citations in APA format for any sources used for your answer, including the textbook electronic readings, and/or other credible sources.

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