Unit 3 Application Assignment: Branding

Imagine you are currently working as a Vice President of marketing for a large consumer food product firm and are interested in finding new employment in the medical field. A large academic medical center is interviewing candidates for the position of Marketing Director and has contacted you to schedule an interview. You know the interviewer will ask you about your skill set and how your skills relate to this position. You have been selling products all your life and feel like marketing healthcare is no different than marketing hotels, foods, or airlines.


For each of the six (6) job tasks categories listed below, use the characteristics of brand marketing to explain how the experience in the consumer food industry could be related to the healthcare industry. Focus on one task for each category. You are not required to discuss each task. You are free to use additional research and resources to complete the assignment. Be sure to cite all research using APA format and to include a list of references you used.

The following is the job description for the position of Marketing Director:

Key Job Tasks

1. Marketing plan

Design, implement, and facilitate annual marketing plan for hospital. Support and facilitate development and implementation of section business/marketing plans. Translating hospital business unit objectives and strategies to develop brand portfolio objectives, strategies and plans to facilitate business unit growth. Develops marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment policy, nature of market, copyright and royalty requirements, and cost and markup factors. 2. Marketing budget

Plan and administer the hospital’s Marketing Operations budget; Support development of regional marketing budgets. 3. Manage marketing suppliers

Negotiates with media agents to secure agreements for translation of materials into other media. Edits materials according to specific market or customer requirements. Develop promotional materials including marketing collateral and print copies 4. Oversee corporate communications activities

External communications and systems Internal communications and systems Public relations efforts External vendors and consultants 5. Manage Marketing Department

Supervise Marketing Assistant, Client Services Administrator, Communications Manager, Practice Development Manager and Regional Marketing Manager(s). Make staffing and hiring decisions within marketing department. Build and develop a marketing team which is competent, commercially astute, dedicated and efficient. Manage day to day activity with PR, press and marketing communications agencies 6. Develop business unit

Develop and deliver insightful presentations and strategies to the business unit and executive committee where appropriate. Ensure the integration of the business unit marketing function within that of the greater group, and ensure that the business unit optimizes its use of shared and support services. Assist the hospital in meeting its objectives, live the values and culture and to practice company policies. Job specification for the position of Marketing Director

BS/BA in Marketing or related field Minimum 8 years marketing experience at a small to mid-size professional services organization. 2 years’ experience at director level or 5 years experiences at marketing manager. Experience with new media and internet advertising Detail-oriented with the ability to manage projects from inception through execution Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written Ability to flourish in a dynamic, high-growth, entrepreneurial environment Entrepreneurial, self-starter with hands-on approach Upload Instructions:

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