Unit 5 - Data Collection Plan

Complete Assignment: Data Collection Plan For this Assignment, Consider everything you have learned about the tools and methods for collecting and analyzing data for your applied Research Project (OBESITY IN CHILDREN).

Type of data to collect Will the data be quantitative or qualitative, what type of tool will you use, surveys, interviews, etc. Plan for collecting the data How will you collect this data? If surveys, how will you create and distribute the surveys? Collect the surveys? If Interviews, how will you schedule, what types of questions will you use? What ethical issues must be addressed? Discuss the ethical issues that will need to be addressed before conducting your proposed study. Such issues include but are not limited to honesty, confidentiality, carefulness, objectivity, and respect for intellectual property, openness, and human subject consideration. What additional resources will you need? Are there any additional resources need to collect the data you want? If conducting a survey online, how will you set-up the online survey, and how will you get people’s e-mail addresses to invite them to participate? Discuss how you will code and analyze the data that you propose to collect.

What steps will you take to ensure that you consistently and accurately code and analyze your data? What analysis summary tools (charts, figures, tables, and/or graphs) will you use to quickly and effectively report your findings? Will you be theming the data, will you produce summary statistics such as means, medians and/or modes, etc.? Explain how your proposed analyses will accurately and reliably summarize the data collected.

What charts, figures, or tables will you use to summarize your results? Explain your rationale. Do you have any other issues or questions that need to be raised before the study would be started? If so, highlight them and serve as the conclusion to the plan.

Include an introductory and concluding paragraph and demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.

Use examples to support your discussion.

Cite all sources on a separate reference page at the end of your paper and cited within the body of your paper using APA format

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