Virginia Health Rankings

Go to the America’s Health Rankings website and follow THE RANKINGS link to view the full state report for Virginia. Examine the state’s health value and rank for each health Determinant and Outcome, as well as the combined rankings for these and for diabetes, obesity, and smoking. You can compare these for the 19 years that the rankings have been published as well as contrast them with other states and the nation as a whole.

Note that Virginia’s overall health ranking has remained around 20. In general, this means that 30 states are worse and 19 states better in overall health ranking. Note also that unlike many states who have improved (or worsened) their health status, Virginia has maintained its rank close to 20 for the past decade or more. There seems to be no breaking over the 19/20 barrier into healthier terrain. Why do you think that is? Select 5 Determinants that if improved, would likely lead to Virginia receiving a better health ranking in the future. Justify your answers in 200–250 words.

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