Workshop Guidelines

After reading the Guidelines for Developing a Workshop located in the Resources, begin developing your hypothetical workshop, using the guidelines as a template. Be sure to provide support for your workshop by integrating research and peer-reviewed journal articles that demonstrate the need for this workshop. Your document must contain all items listed in the guidelines. Be sure to provide a detailed description and elaboration of the techniques you intend to use. Develop a workshop that will help parents to understand their child with special concerns or special needs and to cope with the challenges they encounter. Finally, be sure to address any ethical considerations for your workshop, if applicable.

The duration of your workshop should be two hours and be supported by relevant literature. Describe how the workshop will help to establish a constructive relationship between parents, guardians, and families and the school system. 300 words limit

Guidelines for Developing a Workshop Workshop Topic What is your workshop topic? Choose a workshop title that will grab attention. Workshop Goals What are three goals you want your workshop attendees to achieve from the workshop? Methods of Instruction What techniques will you employ to sustain attendee attention (such as lecture, guest speaker, videos, overheads, PowerPoint presentations, large group discussion, or small group discussion)? Provide a detailed description and elaboration of the techniques you intend to use. Workshop Content What content will you cover in the two-hour timeframe? Be specific. Ending the Workshop How will you wrap up the workshop? How will you evaluate the workshop?

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