You are an ECPI graduate and a manager in your field of study

Now, look into the future – five years from now. You are an ECPI graduate and a manager in your field of study. You realize that if the organization is to be successful, you must introduce new ideas and concepts. You must find a way to challenge your team and co-workers.

Write a report (approximately 2 pages) using APA Style and cover the following points:

Explain how you would go about searching outside your organization to discover new ideas.

Identify and describe one way that you could be proactive in searching for new opportunities and in taking risks.

What future trends - demographics, technology, etc - are likely to influence you and your organization?

What future trends are likely to influence what you wish to achieve professionally AND personally?

Professional and personal achievement depends heavily upon a well crafted personal vision statement. In closing this part of your project, create your own personal vision statement that defines who you are and who you hope to be

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