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Using the NAU library, find and discuss articles about firms that illustrate these  different types of costs in the real world:  historical costs, accounting costs, opportunity costs, long run costs, short run costs, transaction costs, information costs and coordination costs. (Note: you will probably need to use more than one article to be able to discuss all of these different costs.)  Suppose the firm and industry you chose

Manufacturing Budget Analysis

  • Identify the problems that appear to exist in Ferguson & Son Manufacturing Company's budgetary control system and explain how the problems are likely to reduce the effectiveness of the system. (approximately 1 page)
  • Explain how Ferguson & Son Manufacturing Company's budgetary control system could be revised to improve its effectiveness. (approximately 1–2 pages)
  • Explain how the use of an activity-based costing system could

Cost and Decision-Making Analysis

Cheryl Montoya picked up the phone and called her boss, Wes Chan, Vice President of Marketing at Piedmont Fasteners Corporation.
Cheryl: “Wes, I'm not sure how to go about answering the questions that came up at the meeting with the President yesterday.”
Wes: “What's the problem?”.
Cheryl: “The president wanted to know the break-even point for each of the company's products, but I am having trouble figuring them out.”
Wes: “I'm sure you can handle it, Cheryl. And, by the way, I need your analysis on my desk tomorrow morning at 8:00 sharp in time for the

Activity-Based Costing System

Activity-based costing is one of the most accurate methods that can be used to allocate overhead. However, it is not often used in many smaller organizations due to the substantial cost involved with its implementation.

Using the module readings and the Argosy University online library resources, research the activity-based costing method. Use your research and/or your experiences as a working professional to complete this assignment.

Respond to the following:

Culture and International Trade

Culture and politics are important parts of the external environment and vary greatly, not only between, but also within each country... Research the impact of culture and politics on business using your textbook, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Respond to the following:

Why is understanding culture critical for successful international business? Give examples of how understanding culture has been important for an international business.

Dell Computer – Make to Order (MTO), Make to Stock (MTS) & Assemble to Order (ATO)

  1.  Dell Computer’s Business Model was ATO for small orders; mostly for students and/or home use and MTO for large clients.  Please define each process focusing on its advantages and disadvantages for Dell.
  2. Dell’s competitors have been successful in taking market share away from Dell over the last few years.  Dell has since entered into marketing agreements with several large retailers to sell several specific models of their computers.  Most notably with Wal-Mart and Best Buy among others.  Again please define MTS that Dell’s is using to

Calculating Inventory

Finlon Upholstery Inc. uses a job-order costing system to accumulate manufacturing costs. The company's work-in-process on December 31, 2001, consisted of one job (no. 2077), which was carried on the year-end balance sheet at $156,800. There was no finished-goods inventory on this date.