Applied Sciences

Data Collection Methods

There are 3 main ways to collect data: asking questions, making observations, or using existing data. But a combination is also often utilized. The data collection methods include:

  • Survey research (asking questions)
  • Field research (making observations)
  • Existing Data ( Secondary Analysis)
  • Combination of methods (referred to as triangulation)

Using the four data collection method options above, complete the following for each of the scenarios below:

Emerging Issues in Health Care Management

Select one emerging health issue from Chapter 17 in your textbook:

 •Vaccine Preventable Diseases 


•Human Trafficking 

•Violence in Health Care Settings 

•Medical Tourism   

Write a 1,200- to 1,500-word paper on the emerging health issue you picked. •Discuss the potential impact of the issue on a health care organization. 

•Analyze the potential risks of the issue on a health care organization. 

•Propose strategies for addressing the issue in health care settings. 

Outbreak Investigation Exercise

Three days into a voyage on a cruise ship 50 people developed fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. It was determined that all 50 of them attended a banquet the night before the onset of symptoms. You decide to take your team to investigate this sudden onset of illness among 50 people.


Answer the following questions about your investigation:

Safety process


Workplace errors can be divided into errors of omission and errors of commission. Provide examples that illustrate the difference. Which type of error do you feel is easier to control? Explain your choice.

Your essay response must be a minimum of 75 words in length.


There are seven factors that often contribute to human error as listed on page 35 of your textbook. List them in the order in which you think they should be addressed. Explain your choices for the first and last items on your list.

Environmental Influences on Offender Trends and Patterns

City officials have asked your department supervisor to provide information on environmental influences on offender trends and patterns. Your supervisor has asked you to create a video presentation on this topic to present to city officials at their weekly meeting. The video presentation should include four examples of environmental influences and an assessment of how each one influences offender trends and patterns .

Measuring Consumer Satisfaction

You were introduced to the HCAHPS survey in the lecture entitled, "How External Entities Drive Health Care Quality," presented in this Module.   Your facility has just received the latest results from the HCAPHS survey. The survey results indicate that your facility had a low satisfaction score for question number 23, which asks if the facility respected the patient's preferences for determining care after discharge.