Computer Science

Current & Emerging Technology

You will want to keep an archive of all your academic work so you can develop the best possible e-portfolio at graduation. Which type of portable hard drive is best suited to your needs? What size? Do you need built-in WiFi? Can the drive stream media content? Do you think you could store everything you produce in your academic career in a single cloud storage account?

Business Intelligence (BI)

What do you think would be the impact of predictive modeling on healthcare and medicine? Can predictive modeling replace managerial or medical personnel?

What were the challenges, the proposed solution, and the obtained results of using neural networks in the mining industry?

Beachport Rental Calculator

You are to develop a rental calculator for the Beachport Village apartments, a small two-building complex of single apartments located in Playa del Rey close to the beach. The complex has two buildings: Shoreline and Wavecrest. The Shoreline building has direct whitewater views of the beach, and is more expensive in which to rent. The rental calculator allows the user to enter a base rent (which would be the rent charged for a standard [default] apartment) and then to select a variety of attributes about an apartment:

IT 520 Discussion 1

1. What is technical communication? How is technical communication different from other types of communication? Why is good technical communication imperative in today’s diverse business environment?
2. Discuss the importance of collaboration and diversification in effective technical communication. Offer an example of poor communication that you have experienced, and your suggestions for improving its clarity and conciseness.