Computer Science homework help

Case Study 1: Acceptable Use Policy

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a very important policy within organizations to define acceptable employee behavior when accessing company resources. Additionally, there are also legal implications within AUPs. Use an existing AUP that you are familiar with, such as from a current or previous workplace, or search on the Internet for an example AUP to complete this case study.

CIS 524 Week 3 Assignment 1 Accessibility

Building a user interface that meets the needs of a diverse population can be incredibly difficult. Research the best practices for developing a universally usable interface, as well as some of the federal legislation that applies (i.e., section 508).
Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:
1. Assess at least five (5) best practices for developing a universally usable interface.

ITEC 625 Week 8 Questions and Answers

Please respond to the topic with your answer to Exercise 10.14 from Englander's book:
"10.14 A 1600-pixel by 900-pixel display is generated on a 14-inch (diagonal) monitor.
a.How many dots per inch are displayed on this monitor?
b.What is the size of an individual pixel? Would a 0.26mm pixel resolution
monitor be sufficient for this display?
c.Repeat (a) and (b) for a 1280 × 720 display."
 (Englander 331)

Excelling with excel

Microsoft Excel is a great tool for presenting, organizing, and calculating data. It can be used to create budgets, track your weekly spending, or create detailed plans. This assignment will give you an opportunity to crunch the numbers on your most recent school supply purchases.

Text Manipulation and Output Formatting

Write a C++ program to store 10 student names and grade point averages (GPAs) from the user. Display all student information in a tabular format. Ensure that each column heading aligns correctly with its respective column and that each name (first and last) is capitalized. Finally, display each GPA with two significant decimals. Sample inputs and outputs are as follows:

Sample Input (for only 3 students)

Smith, Tom 4.0 Jones, Bob 5.555 Washington, George 3.00 Sample Output (using input above)


Suppose that you are the database developer for a local college. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has asked you to provide a summary of normalizing database tables that the IT staff will use in the upcoming training session. 

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you: