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ITEC 625 Week 8 Questions and Answers

Please respond to the topic with your answer to Exercise 10.14 from Englander's book:
"10.14 A 1600-pixel by 900-pixel display is generated on a 14-inch (diagonal) monitor.
a.How many dots per inch are displayed on this monitor?
b.What is the size of an individual pixel? Would a 0.26mm pixel resolution
monitor be sufficient for this display?
c.Repeat (a) and (b) for a 1280 × 720 display."
 (Englander 331)

Text Manipulation and Output Formatting

Write a C++ program to store 10 student names and grade point averages (GPAs) from the user. Display all student information in a tabular format. Ensure that each column heading aligns correctly with its respective column and that each name (first and last) is capitalized. Finally, display each GPA with two significant decimals. Sample inputs and outputs are as follows:

Sample Input (for only 3 students)

Smith, Tom 4.0 Jones, Bob 5.555 Washington, George 3.00 Sample Output (using input above)


Suppose that you are the database developer for a local college. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has asked you to provide a summary of normalizing database tables that the IT staff will use in the upcoming training session. 

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

Protecting Confidential Information

It is becoming more common for data to be released to unauthorized parties. With an increasingly digitized world with networked computers, data breaches are a growing concern. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reports that more than 500,000,000 sensitive records were breached between January 2005 and August 2010 in the United States alone (Stevens, 2012).

Data breaches can include theft or loss of digital media, including computer tapes, hard drives, or laptop computers. The criminals look for data on these computer networks. Some of the information on these

Operating System

Suppose a multiprocessor system has 8 equal capability processors. The OS supports multi-threading by providing up to 8 kernel threads per application program and uses many-to-many model to map user threads to kernel threads. Suppose a multithreaded application with 12 threads is currently running on the system. Assuming there is no other process on the system, and hence no context switch

Information structure infrastructure

Read Case Study #4 and answer all three "Discussion Points" in a clear but concise way. Be sure to cite all external references.

1. Double space your paper

2. The paper must use APA format (6th edition)

3. Minimum of 2 pages, excluding any cover page. That is, the 2 pages must be content related. 

Please remember this needs to be in your words.  No cut and paste, No turning in other's work.  No rewriting with SpinBot. Rephraser, or other tools. 

Any similarity scores of 25 or more may not be graded.