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Multiplant economies of scale have changed the American business landscape for the past 30 years.

 Discuss the impact of such plants and compare their economies of scale with small businesses in your own hometown. In your discussion, provide a specific example of a company that has been able to bring about these multiplant changes and its impact on the local economy.


You are the city manager and need to improve the total revenue of the services provided to the area residents. Your services include water, garbage collection, and electricity.

 You are well aware of the inverse relationship between prices charged by the city and the level of these services used. Using the elasticity concept explain, in detail, how you would go about raising the city’s revenue from these services.

 Provide any graphics or other visuals to support your answer.

Intercultural Communication

 Geert Hofstede is one of the leading experts on intercultural communications. Use the website,, to compare your home culture with another culture that interests you. Write a 4-6 paragraph essay describing the key differences between the two cultures and how those differences might impact your communications. Consider as many of the components of the communication process and

Mod 7 critical 3 564

In this critical thinking assignment, examine both sides of the ethical debate related to profit in healthcare. Does profit in healthcare encourage providers to do more than what is necessary? Do providers focus on money more than focusing on patient care? As you are examining and arguing competing viewpoints for this assignment remember, there is no right or wrong answer.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation meeting the following structural requirements. Your presentation must:

Pay Structures

  • Justify how you would organize a pay structure for top executives and how it might differ from a pay structure for human resource professionals or sales professionals within the same company. Debate the equity of offering executives more lucrative pay structures and how that affects the motivation of the lesser-paid professionals.
  • Imagine your organization is in survival mode as it tries to ride out the economic downfall. The organization has adopted a strategy of 20% reduction in staff compensation in order to prevent layoffs. It’s

Profit Maximization

One of the proclaimed benefits of free market capitalism relative to other economic systems or government production is that a profit incentive gives producers the incentive to use resources efficiently in order to produce at the lowest cost.  Is profit maximization consistent with the self-interest of corporate owners, corporate managers, and employees? How well do you think the assumption that firms are "profit-maximizers" works in reality?