Learning Theory Final Paper

This assignment will allow you to create your own customized theory of human learning and development. Everyone operates with a theory of what makes the best learning environment and how people grow and develop. The problem is that most education professionals’ theories are neither well-informed nor clearly articulated. Thus, for this paper, you will articulate your theory of how to establish the best learning environment. You will support it by using theoretical perspectives of what defines the best in education from a Christian perspective.

SPD 300 Benchmark- Case Study: PLAAFP and Annual Goals


The IEP is an essential part of each student’s special   education program and plays a large part in the role of special   education teacher responsibilities. Special education teachers must   include all of the information needed to describe the student’s   strengths, needs, background information, etc. All of this information   is used to develop an effective program for the student.

ELM 590 Week 8 Discussion 1

1.  What are some ways you can use assessment to engage students? Why is this important? 

2.  What is meant by the term, "data to drive instruction"

3  You teach in a school where the weight scale for assignments is 60% for tests, quizzes, and projects and 40% for classroom and homework. How would you assign assignments to your students to ensure that they are being assessed properly and you can assist students who are not good test takers? Explain

Benchmark - Comprehensive Assessment Plan

For this benchmark assignment, based on data gathered from your class profile, and in working with your mentor teacher, select a strand, cluster, and set of standards appropriate for the grade level and content area of your practicum placement.  From this information, you will create an original, comprehensive assessment plan. 

Part 1: Assessment Plan Summary

In creating the assessment plan, include an introduction that provides a 250-500 word summary of a 3-5 day unit of study to contextualize your assessments. Your summary should include:

ELM 590: Week 7 Discussion 1

Your journey through the first seven weeks of student teaching has encompassed many insightful, positive, and, at times, challenging experiences. Share how your most rewarding experiences made you a more effective teacher. In addition, share your most challenging experiences, including how you resolved them, and how they supported your growth as an effective teacher.