Trends in Educational Action Research

Instructions: For this assignment, you will create a document that includes a plan for your area of focus. For the criteria part of the assignment, consider what you read in "Themes in Education: Action Research" and “Current Trends in Education.” What topics did you see and read about that lead you toward clarifying a general idea and establishing an area of focus for research? Please refer to the “Research in Action Checklist Three – One” (Mills, 2014, p.

Curriculum Implementation

•Discuss at least three primary reasons people (administrators, teachers, parents, and / or students) often resist change, especially regarding the implementation of new technologies in educational settings. Propose at least two ways to overcome people’s resistance to change. Provide a rationale to support your response. 
•Analyze the curriculum implementation models explained in the textbook (e.g., Organizational-Developmental Model, Systems Model, etc.) and consider the educational setting where you work or plan to work in the future.

EDUC 302 Final Paper

1.Compare and contrast the bottom-up curriculum and the top-down curriculum. Discuss instructional objectives, materials, learning environment, instructional strategies, and assessment.

2.Pretend you are a teacher in a diverse classroom. Explain what you would do to encourage students to learn English but still not abandon their own cultures.

Journal - Support Processes

Write a journal entry in which you reflect on the support processes for the learning culture of your organization. Remember that the support processes are organizational conditions that enable students and teachers to carry out the culture's primary goal, learning. Before you write this journal entry, you may want to complete Discussion 1, and try out your ideas on your colleagues.