Identify at least two examples of artwork and architecture used in religious worship

Identify at least two examples of artwork and architecture used in religious worship from Chapter 2: Ancient Near East.

In 500 words, discuss their purpose, iconography and cultural context. Apply new terms. Include the images, or hyperlinks to the images, referenced in your assignment, and utilize APA formatting and citations. The two artworks are: Enemies crossing the Euphrates to escape Assyrian archers and Assurbanipal and his queen in the garden

HIS 206 week 3 Assignment

Final Project Framework In order to fulfill all parts of this assignment, you must complete and submit the Week 3 Assignment Worksheet Preview the document. This assignment is meant to help you get your Final Project started by

Focusing on your topic. Determining the direction of your project by writing a thesis statement. Choosing the events that you will discuss in your Final Project. Locating the sources that you need for your Final Project. To complete the worksheet, address the following points:

HIS 206 week 2 Discussion 2

Reflect: Reflect on what you found interesting, surprising, or confusing in this past week. Did anything that you learned cause you to understand an issue and event differently? Have you discovered any habits or tips that help you to complete your course work more effectively or efficiently?

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History Help

Name: ______________________________________ (Use back of quiz pages if necessary) 1. What were ancient Greek houses like? Were they beautiful? How were they organized or what were some of the most important rooms? Were their differences between male and female spaces in the house? Did men have more freedom then women? (3 pts.) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Asian History- History of Chinatown

Notes on final project Spring 2018 History of Interiors  
1 General Introduction: - Your paper will is a history of Chinatown and of a single building in Chinatown. - The paper is no longer than six to eight pages, typed, this includes a couple drawings.  At least 1600 words of text.  You can send it to me as an e-mail or file it on the drive. - The due date is Saturday, May 5th, a day days after our last class. 2 What the paper contains: - A paragraph or two (almost a page) of a general history of Chinatown before the earthquake, including immigration, why people came here.