Information Systems

CIS 406 Java U Phase 2

In this project you will bring together everything you have learned in this class, including both programming techniques and non-technical skills.
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C10V Quiz Lessons 6 & 7 Exam

Question 1 (2.5 points)
You are studying at the library and someone at your table has some great study material. Both of you have a laptop. You decide to network your computers together to exchange files. What type of network have the two of you created?
Question 1 options:
a)     Client/server

b)     HomeGroup

c)     Apple Domain

d)     Ad-hoc

C10V Summary - Lessons 4 & 5 Exam

Question 1 (2.5 points)
A start-up company has hired you to implement an email strategy for its organization. The company wants all of its employees to have an enterprise-level email client and is considering Windows Live Essentials. They ask you if there are any limitations about this email solution. Which of the following is a major limitation?
Question 1 options:


Windows Live Essentials can't insert signatures.


Windows Live Essentials can't blind copy recipients.


HMG 6446 Learning Activity 2

Define Hospitality Extraordinaire’s strategy.  How does IT factor into this strategy to support or enable it?

If you worked for a competing hotel company, what traits would you find most admirable in Hospitality Extraordinaire and why?  What would you do to compete?

If you worked for Hospitality Extraordinaire’s IT department, what challenges might you face?  What recommendations would you have for new technology initiatives or directions?

What are the key teaching points in this case?  Why are they important, and how will you apply them to your professional career?