Information Systems

CIS 406 Java U Phase 2

In this project you will bring together everything you have learned in this class, including both programming techniques and non-technical skills.
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C10V Quiz Lessons 6 & 7 Exam

Question 1 (2.5 points)
You are studying at the library and someone at your table has some great study material. Both of you have a laptop. You decide to network your computers together to exchange files. What type of network have the two of you created?
Question 1 options:
a)     Client/server

b)     HomeGroup

c)     Apple Domain

d)     Ad-hoc

C10V Summary - Lessons 4 & 5 Exam

Question 1 (2.5 points)
A start-up company has hired you to implement an email strategy for its organization. The company wants all of its employees to have an enterprise-level email client and is considering Windows Live Essentials. They ask you if there are any limitations about this email solution. Which of the following is a major limitation?
Question 1 options:


Windows Live Essentials can't insert signatures.


Windows Live Essentials can't blind copy recipients.