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CIS 500 Top Management Concerns

A small but fast-growing company has called you in as a consultant to help with their IT infrastructure. When they first started, they put their business data in the cloud and changed their business processes to fit their SaaS. Now, they want to know if they should customize their SaaS to fit their business processes, or keep changing their business processes to fit their SaaS.  

o Propose a set of 3-5 initial questions you would ask them to help you prepare your recommendation. Be sure to explain why you are asking each question.

CIS 500 Week 8 Status Report

In Week 10, you will provide a detailed project presentation for your new information system project. Because of its importance to the organization, your presentation must be thoughtful and visually appealing.
To help you stay on track for this three-week effort, the executives have assigned you a project manager. For each week leading up to the presentation, you are expected to turn in a short (less than one page) status report. It must address just 4 things:
   1. What did you expect to accomplish on the project this week?

Active directory

Provide an explanation of if/where/how does Active Directory support application security.


The paper must be at least 10 pages (2,000-2,500) words and be in APA format.


Each group must have 5 academic sources.  Academic sources do not include wikis, messageboards, support forums, etc. Do not copy and paste large blocks of text from your sources!  


As with any research project, make sure to take a position, defend with works cited, and conclude.

IT Spreadsheet

You are the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a medium sized organization with approximately 1500 employees. Due to problems within the industry, the company’s sales force needs to be reduced by at least 25%. As the head of the Technology department, you must review the performance of all the technical sales people and determine who will be kept and who will be laid off. At present, all of the sales force employees are earning a salary between $50,000 and $100,000. 

Business Impact Analysis

In  order for an organization to develop an effective business continuity  plan or disaster recovery plan, it must know what information assets it  has, their impact on business operations, and the criticality and  priorities associated with the information systems and assets. The  primary objective of a business impact analysis (BIA) is to identify the  assets that are required for continued business operations in the event  of an incident or disaster. Thus, a critical step in the development of  an effective BIA includes establishing

Disaster Recovery (DR) Team

Consider  a scenario where the contingency planning management team (CPMT) of  your organization has designated you as the disaster recovery team  leader, and the preparation and planning of this component of the  security program is now under your purview with a team of 11 employees  including yourself.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

Antivirus Software, Malware Removal, and Internet Security

There are many types of vendor software programs available for antivirus, malware, and Internet security, including open source, freely downloadable, and commercially available off-the-shelf software applications. You should be familiar with as many of these software applications as possible to determine what is needed to protect and monitor against attacks and intrusions and to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

VPN Technologies & Protocols

Examining two advantages of hardware VPNs and two advantages of software VPNs. Examine and explain the two advantages and two disadvantages for three types of protocols used in VPNs.     

Select the type of VPN (hardware or software) that you consider to be the better of the two.  Research the two advantages and two disadvantages for three types of protocols used in VPNs.  Select the one type of protocol that you would recommend for a VPN.  Provide a rationale for your response.

Analytics, Interfaces, and Cloud Technology

This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a design document and a revised Gantt chart or project plan. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment it is written for. Additionally, you may create and / or assume all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

Large companies have been using the power of business analytics for quite a while now. Your company desires to get in on the action; company

Developing the Forensics, Continuity, Incident Management, and Security Training Capacities for the Enterprise

Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you:
1. Consider that Data Security and Policy Assurance methods are important to the overall success of IT and Corporate data security.     a. Determine how defined roles of technology, people, and processes are necessary to ensure resource allocation for business          continuity.     b. Explain how computer security policies and data retention policies help maintain user expectations of levels of