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Enterprise Security Plan Paper

The CEO of your selected organization has requested an enterprise security plan from your team. Presenting an enterprise security plan to senior management is an important task that faces every IT security leader.  It is your job to provide an appropriate overview and encourage the team to invest in your plan.

Finalize the enterprise security plan and presentation using feedback from your instructor.

Submit the enterprise security plan and presentation to the Assignment Files tab above.

An IT Security Department Profile

The CEO asks you to create a presentation for the company about the IT Security Department. She wants you to highlight the core principles of enterprise security, and visually present the positions in the IT Security Department that are responsible for which principles.

Create a 4- to 5-slide narrated presentation in response to the request from the CEO. Include an organizational chart to help the audience visualize how the security team functions. Include detailed speaker notes or transcription of narration.

Draft of the Enterprise Security Plan and Presentation

The CEO of your selected organization has requested an enterprise security plan from your team. An enterprise security plan is more than just a list of vulnerabilities and risks. It must present them in a meaningful way along with suggestions for specific steps to mitigate each of the most important vulnerabilities or risk pairs it finds.

The organization would like you to present an enterprise security plan to their Board of Directors. This week your team will draft two deliverables­, an enterprise security plan and a presentation.

Part 1

ISCOM361 Week 1 Purchasing Strategies

Identify a company or industry that you are either familiar with or one with which you would like to become more familiar. As a purchasing professional of the chosen company or industry, your job is to determine the type of purchasing organizational structure that can effectively manage procurement functions.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that makes an argument for either a centralized or decentralized purchasing organization.

BIS 375 Week 2 Learning Team E-Commerce Website Analysis

Resources: E-commerce websites and an industry selected and approved by faculty in Week One Select a faculty-approved organization or industry—automotive, healthcare, retail, call center, restaurant, and so forth—that uses e-commerce sites to do business. Locate and review at least three e-commerce websites for your chosen industry. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper analyzing these websites as they relate to supply chain management.

The Pirate Bay: Searching for a Safe Haven Case Study

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word analysis that includes the following:

Identify the key problems or issues in the case, and describe the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues at stake.Explain the effects that customer demand and the
unintended use of a product or software can have on SCM and e-commerce practices.Assess the impact of illegal websites and software/media piracy on e-business
procurement processes.Apply one or more concepts discussed in class (covered in the readings or learned from your own experience) that would apply to the case, and