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Watch Accounting WITT's video titled "Cash and Accrual – Conceptual"

Based on the video, explain two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages in using both the cash and the accrual basis of accounting.

Then, discuss (1) which types of businesses should use each method and (2) provide a business example and discuss why the chosenaccounting method is appropriate for that business.

The Learner’s Experience with Assessment

The media segment this week highlighted university students’ reactions to assessment practices. For this week’s Discussion, reflect on your own past experiences with assessment, grading, and feedback. Which assessment, grading, and feedback practices help you learn? Which practices hinder your learning? What has been the impact of different practices on your motivation and engagement in learning?  

 By Day 3  Post your initial responses to the questions in the prompt above. Try to connect your past experiences and reactions to assessment

Leadership Analysis and Application

In Unit 9, you will further investigate the application and manifestation of leadership in the public realm. You will examine the effort of a major federal agency to apply leadership to improve its overall effectiveness from a core service delivery perspective. This week, think about how the insights you have gained throughout the course relate to the actions that were or could be taken by this agency to