PSY 101 Assignment 2

As a first step in your Psychology Research Report, choose a topic that you find interesting. In a field this broad, it leaves many options. You might find it helpful to review the topics covered in your text (even the modules not yet covered).

Individual Therapy

In this week's Discussion, you considered broad differences between non-Western and Western psychotherapeutic interventions. The focus of this week's Application is individual therapy, one specific type of psychotherapeutic intervention.

Applications of Indigenous Psychology: Educational Achievement

One research area of indigenous psychology is the study of educational achievement in different countries. The research questions why students in some countries perform much better than students in other countries. Their findings have emphasized four major factors that impact educational achievement. The first factor, interdependence and proxy control, refers to a child's dependence on parents.

Strategies for Change and Macro-Level Interventions

Child soldiers, HIV/AIDS, and education in war-torn countries are just some examples of macro-issues of global significance that are in need of macro interventions. Global psychologists intervene by implementing strategies called change strategies. The three change strategies detailed in your text are top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out. Top-down strategies are those that top-level leaders implement by directing action to those who report to them.