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Academic Honesty and Academic Integrity

Answers to questions available at TopTutorOnline.com are only meant for revision purposes and are meant to guide users in writing their papers. This is common just like using previous year’s questions and answers to help in preparing for this year’s exams. Submitting answers directly from TopTutorOnline.com is strictly forbidden and might lead your institution to taking action(s) against you. You are personally responsible for what you submit to your institution.


Posting/uploading copyrighted material is prohibited. TopTutorOnline.com complies with DMCA 512C. Whenever in doubt and you need help, paraphrase the title then include the field and we will help you with your revision.

Out of Site Payment

Avoid paying anyone out of this website as they are likely to be a fraud and you certainly won’t receive the learning material you are making payment for. Use TopTutoronline.com instead as you can follow up with your payments and materials you are paying for.

Exchange of Contact information

We take your privacy seriously. Do not give anyone your contact information. Instead, use chat and messaging feature available on user’s profile.


We charge tutors 15% for their first sale and 22% for their second and subsequent sale. This is to cater for the service provided at TopTutorOnline.com. $0.3+3.9% transaction fee is charged on whoever is buying the answer.

DCMA Policy

Uploading copyrighted materials to TopTutorOnline.com is strongly prohibited. If found culpable of this offense, you will face deletion of your content without notice, suspension of your account, withholding funds or all. TopTutorOnline.com does not claim copyright ownership of any question or answer posted on the site TopTutorOnline.com. DCMA complaints should be sent to support@toptutoronline.com . You will get a response within 24 hours.

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