Strategic Management Project

You are expected to run a full analysis of a firm of your own choice. It is recommended that the firm be mid-size or larger, to enhance conducting the analysis. You will apply key concepts of the course in analyzing your firm, and come to conclusions about possible useful future directions for the firm. The concepts you are expected to apply in your projects include:

-          External analysis

-          Internal analysis

-          Business-level strategy, corporate level strategy, or both (whichever applicable)

-          Control & Governance

-          Organizational Design

-          Leadership (this will be a bonus section)



Projects will be done in groups of four. Group members are responsible of distributing duties within the group between members.

Be advised that you can come for suggestions, feedbacks, or answer to any questions regarding the project during the semester.


Format and Length

Please submit your final project electronically in a word document. Use Times New Roman size 12 as your font, double spaced, and allow one-inch margins across your pages.

The final report should be no less than 5000 words, excluding all shapes and figures. You are allowed to include as much as tables and shapes in the appendix section.









Schedule and deadlines

Below, you will find the deadlines, project grade distribution, and expectations at each stage:

Due Date


Due date

Percentage of Total Project Grade


Team Formation

Hand me in (in paper) the name of the group, the name of the company, the size of the company, and the industry in which the company operates



Progress Report

This two page report should provide a summary of what you already have done, your analyses, and your conclusions (if any)




You will present you project in 10 minutes



Final Report

Final report submitted in BlackBoard





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