Whistleblowing Assignment: Case Study

For this assignment, you will identify a case of whistleblowing and analyze it for several factors. The case of whistleblowing you analyze may be a well-known government or corporate case (like the TIME Magazine whistleblowers’ cases), a lesser-known but compelling case, or even an incident of which you have been a part. The format of this assignment is a simple case study: Definition/Response/Outcome. Definition: What is/was the problem, what was its scope, and what unique factors led to violations/crimes that built to the need for whistleblowing? What were the costs, causes, and effects of these violations? Response: What was/were the act[s] of whistleblowing? Was the whistleblowing internal, external, or both? Who was/were the whistleblowers? What problems did they identify? How did they uncover them? What did they do (if anything) before they blew the whistle? Outcome: What happened as a result of the whistleblowing? How was it handled by the organization and/or external actors (government, courts, media, etc.)? Did the whistleblowing resolve the problems it identified? Was there change produced as a result? Were there legal/ethical/operational/financial reforms? Was anyone punished?

Finally, briefly speak to your assessment of the case. Specifically, comment on your view of how the whistleblowers approached the problem and addressed it. Speak to your view in terms a results-based, rule-based, and/or virtue-based approach. Essentially, answer the question: “was the right thing done, and did it produce meaningful results? The paper is due at the outset of class March 7 – by email and hard copy in class.

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