CIS 1107 – Chap 4 Homework

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Instructions:      Answer the questions below in the space provided; be sure your answers are clearly written and grammatically correct with no spelling errors.  Following these questions, paste the screen shots showing the requested element.

Chap 4 – Today’s Windows – Windows 7


Instructions and Evidence of Completion

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Question: What utility program can be downloaded from the Microsoft site to conveniently transfer data and settings to a new installation of Windows 7?


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Question: How does the BitLocker feature in Windows 7 increase the security of your installation? What hardware elements must be present to use BitLocker?


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Question:  Windows 7 provides valuable tools as part of the System Recovery Options. Name three of those tools. In order to access those tools how must you boot your computer?


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Question: Explain the difference between Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials. What happens if you install Microsoft Security Essentials on a computer with Windows Defender?


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Screen shots: Your evidence of completion is a screen shot or capture that illustrates the item described. Use the tool of your choice (e.g., the Windows Snipping Tool or the Print Screen function) to take a screen shot of the required content.

1.       Create a Windows 7 Virtual Machine (VM) on your system. Paste a screen capture here that shows Windows 7 running as a VM on your computer.





2.       Review/Configure UAC.  Paste a screen capture here that shows UAC in the most restrictive configuration.






3.       Create a user account in your Windows 7 VM. Paste a screen capture here that shows a user account in your Windows 7 VM that includes the word ‘Student’ and your initials.






4.       Paste a screen capture here that shows Windows Explorer configured to show file extensions for all files.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


CIS 1107 – Chap 4 Homework

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