ITEC 625 Week 8 Questions and Answers

Please respond to the topic with your answer to Exercise 10.14 from Englander's book:
"10.14 A 1600-pixel by 900-pixel display is generated on a 14-inch (diagonal) monitor.
a.How many dots per inch are displayed on this monitor?
b.What is the size of an individual pixel? Would a 0.26mm pixel resolution
monitor be sufficient for this display?
c.Repeat (a) and (b) for a 1280 × 720 display."
 (Englander 331)

Please respond to the topic by searching the web for a description of a biometric security peripheral. Comment on your perception of the device's ability to accurately identify the user.

The demise of magnetic tape as a storage medium has been predicted many times.  Use the Web to find the state-of-the-art in tape system capacity and speed.  Why are people still buying these tape drives?
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ITEC 625 Week 8 Questions and Answers

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