BA 645 Progressive Case Study

The progressive case study is a course long project that will allow you, the learner to not only learn the concepts of project management, but to put them into practical application. An aspect of a project will be presented each week based on the information provided in this opening introduction and through information shared in either the weekly discussion or the weekly assignment. In some cases the progressive case study will be a discussion question in which to discuss a course of action for the client.

You are invited to participate in this ongoing project beyond that of what is assigned, this action is encouraged. The project is intended to be a fun way to move from concept into practice. As does each project manager, you bring your learning, background, and experience. You are encouraged to integrate that which you know into the assignment. The study is not intended for you to merely repeat back what was taught in the lectures, guidance, and text. It is important that you go beyond the course materials and complete your own research in addition to that which is provided. Bring in your own experience and resources. Most important, make the study work for you. We will each have something different to be gained from the study.

J. Smith & Associates

J. Smith opened a financial services firm in 1975 in a small office in Springfield, Mo. In the last 35 years the firm has grown substantially to over 60 offices around the country and over $100,000,000 in funds management. The company continues to grow in revenue by over 15% annually.

The company maintains the headquarters in Springfield, Mo. Continued changes in legislation, government policy, and investment products have made managing change more difficult. Consistency with the highest quality services offered has been the bedrock principle for over 35 years. As the company has grown, the infrastructure of the organization has struggled to keep up. J. Smith the founder of the company has requested an overhaul of the organizational structure to set a foundation for the next 30 years.

An organizational strategy team has been developed with personnel from all levels of the organization. Personnel from different offices are attached to the team for feedback and information. Each office is responsible for reporting back the needs of their region including those of the offices not directly part of the organizational strategy team.

You have been brought in as an external consultant to head the organizational overhaul project. You report directly to the team. You will be asked to complete certain tasks as part of this project and report back to the team. You are encouraged to bring in new ideas and concepts to the organization as to how the organization can be strengthened and more effective in their work and communications.
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BA 645 Progressive Case Study

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