Business Forms

Scenario: Adam and Laura wish to open a pet grooming shop called Dazzling Doggies Day Spa. Laura's mother, Beth, would like to contribute the startup costs in exchange for a share of profits, but she does not want to participate in the daily operations of the business. She also does not want to have any personal liability in the business.  


Complete the Business Forms Worksheet by responding to the following questions:

  • Which business organizational form would be best given the above circumstances, and why?
  • Unbeknownst to Laura and Beth, Adam begins to use Dazzling Doggies Day Spa's checking account to pay all his personal bills. Are his actions ethical? Why or why not?
  • Which ethical theory best suits Adam's actions, consequentialism or formalism or both? Explain.

Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed references.

Include a reference page listing the peer-reviewed references.

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ETH 321 Business Forms Worksheet

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