Business Planning Activities

Business Planning Activity


As a Financial Adviser to be

(Please answer each question thoroughly and retain a copy of this information for your records)


1.  Describe your vision for building your practice at XXXXX. How do you plan to add value to the clients and communities you will serve?







2.  Please detail the types of prospective clients you believe will allow you to build your business to fulfill your vision.







3.  Why do you think these types of prospective clients would provide a basis on which to build a business that would allow you to realize your vision?






4.  What actions will you take to identify and approach these prospective client types?  










5.Explain what daily and weekly actions you will take to identify and approach these prospective client types by completing the calendar below. This is your opportunity to explain what you will be doing to build your practice with XXXXX.  Please be as specific as possible.




















Mid Morning









Late Morning









Mid Afternoon









Late Afternoon



















6.  How will you turn these prospective clients into XXXXX clients, especially if they have been or are considering doing business with others?





7.On the basis of your vision and plan for identifying, approaching, and turning these prospective client types into clients, please quantifies your performance expectations for each of the timeframes provided below.



Timeframe from Can Sell Date


Months 0 to 12


Months 13 to 24

New Assets




Rationale for

each amount



Months 0 to 12

Months 13 to 24

New Household Accounts


Rationale for

each amount



Months 0 to 12

Months 13 to 24

Net Commissions Expected


Rationale for

each amount



8.   How will you track your performance to evaluate your progress towards meeting your performance expectations?







9.  At XXXX the Branch Team consists of a Financial Advisor and a Branch Office Administrator. How will your Branch Team work together to build a successful business?






This activities is very important for students as to know how much they have learn or understanding how to make Business planning. This must be submitted by 11.59pm of 7/30/2017.


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Business Planning Activities

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