Culture of Learning and the Improvement of Education

Please note: The first assignments in Units 1 and 2 are related. In Unit 1, your work will be graded only for completion and relevancy. In Unit 2, your work will be graded with a content-specific rubric. Take time now to review the scoring guide for the Unit 2 assignment so that you know where you are heading. Remember that all papers you write to meet your assignments—even those that ask for your reflections on your own profession or institution—should not be written as personal statements but rather as scholarly analyses.

From your study of the literature on learning and culture assigned in this unit, write an essay on the emergence of culture of learning as a construct for explaining and guiding the improvement of education. In completing the assignment, include the following:

  1. A definition of culture that incorporates the way it is used in education and that addresses cultural rubrics from your reading.
  2. An explanation of the differences, if any, between the construct of culture of learning and the construct of learning culture.
  3. A description of at least one learning or educational theory that contributed to the emergence of culture of learning as an educational construct.
  4. An identification of at least three different cultures of learning as described in the literature.
  5. An analysis of the importance to education of viewing classrooms, schools, colleges, and even districts as cultures of learning.

Side note: text - The Jossey-Bass Reader on Educational Leadership
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Saturday, April 28, 2018


Culture of Learning and the Improvement of Education

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