Data Analysis Leading to Research Inferences

Telling the story of how the intervention brings about change is a primary function of qualitative data analysis in an action research study. It can also provide logical support and explanation for data that are gathered to show the outcomes of the study. This assignment has two parts:

Part One
Select five block quotes (quotes of 40 or more words) from people who are quoted in the HCZ case study, and carry out thematic coding on them that focuses on their views of how and to what extent (if at all) the HCZ intervention brought about improvement in the program.

  • Explain how you coded the information.
  • Include an appendix in your paper of your actual coding.

Part Two

Using the themes you have elicited from the qualitative data, write a 150–200-word essay describing the logical relationship between the major intervention in the HCZ case study and the improvement it sought. In your paper:

  • Provide a summary of the themes you derived from your coding.
  • Explain how the qualitative data you coded can logically support an inference that the intervention of the study brought about, influenced, or caused the improvement.
  • Provide a critique of how persuasive the HCZ report is for showing that the intervention accounted for the improvement.
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Data Analysis Leading to Research Inferences

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