ETHICS research/ Application paper

This assignment is a research paper on healthcare administrator patient safety officers that work with the Veterans Affairs. The paper will include 1. an introduction 2. Background -what type of organizations use this job title, when was this job title created, how many locations in the United States have this job title, what kind of clientele doesn't serve, in any other relevant facts. 3. 3 to 5 key key roles of patient safety officers 4. Why would someone want to become a patient safety officer-what kind of autonomy does of patient safety officer have. 5. Ways that the provider/organization and ensures client autonomy- describe the rules/ process/ method , how does it relate to autonomy, how does this process by upholding client/ patient autonomy help the veterans Affairs. 6. patient safety officer and non-maleficence- why does patient safety officers feel that acting in anon maleficent manner is important to clients/ patients, employees 7. one or two ways at the patient safety officer seeks to ensure that they're acts in a non- maleficent manner with regards to client/ patients.- describe the rules/ process/ method/ action, how does it relate to non-maleficence., how does this process, by adhering to the ideals of beneficence, help the veterans Affairs. 8. provider/ Organization and justice( choose a type of of justice)- why does the provider/ Organization feel that acting with justice( type) is important to client, employees. One or two ways that the provider/ Organization seeks to act justly with regards to patient/ clients. Described the rule/ process/ method/ action., how does it's relating to justice(type)?, How does this process, by adhering to the ideals of beneficence, help the veterans Affairs. 9. three paragraphs on how being a patient safety officer apply for healthcare administration. 10. Conclusion.

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