HCR 230 Design a Financial Policy

Resources: Appendix A; and Medical Insurance

Complete Part A and Part B of your final project using critical thinking skills. These skills include suspending judgment and applying problem-solving skills and methods while conducting research. You must form evaluative decisions and provide your rationale after considering how you would design a medical office financial policy.

Decide on the type of medical office setting you prefer to research. Focus on that setting as you complete each portion of the final project.

Refer to Figure 14.1 in Ch. 14 of Medical Insurance, the Internet, and the University Library as resources. Search for medical office financial policy advice and sample policies.

Write an original 700- to 1,050-word medical office financial policy for Part A of your final project. In your policy, provide a minimum of three references other than your textbook, formatted according to APA standards. Include the following components in your policy:

Collection of copayments, deductibles, and past-due balances Arrangements for handling of unpaid balances Handling of payments for noncovered services Prepayment policies Policies for accepting cash, checks, money orders, and credit or debit cards Arrangements for sliding scales and low income payments Other pertinent policies you see fit to include based on your research Format your policy similarly to the examples you see online and in your text; however, your policy must include APA-formatted references.

Complete Part B of your project. Include the following the end of your financial policy: Add a separate section reviewing why you believe your policy is best suited to your selected type of medical office setting. Explain and provide support for your rationale in 525- to 700- words. Include a minimum of one reference to support your explanation and format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. You may use the same references to complete the supporting rationale that you used for the financial policy.

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