Healthcare Marketing and Ethics

Today more than ever, there are internal and external factors influencing the consumer decision-making process. This in turn has led to major changes in health care demographics, and in the way consumers seek out physicians, health care facilities, and health insurance plans. For this discussion, please respond to the following questions in your initial post:

How has the traditional family evolved, and how does this affect health care marketing? Please make sure you support this question with detailed information and provide a minimum of two examples. What ethical issues must be considered when marketing healthcare to these new family units? How can companies prepare their marketing employees to deal with ethical healthcare marketing issues? Please support your responses with detailed research. When you respond to your classmates, evaluate the similarities and differences between your responses and provide justification for each of your opinions or explanations. In addition, be sure to include any recommendations or suggestions you may have. Your responses must be based on research. Use only professional or scholarly sources to support responses. Remember that wikis and blogs are not credible resources. Cite your text using APA format.

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