Identify three (3) Microsoft Excel 2013 functions that you believe to be the most useful within the application. Next, describe one (1) way in which you would consider utilizing each of the functions you have identified for a business or personal task.

View the “Week 7 Scene 1” and “Week 7 Scene 2” scenarios. From the scenarios, upon reviewing their financial statement, Erica and Chris determined that the restaurant is not as profitable as they thought mainly because of overages related to labor cost. Discuss the proposed ways to reduce labor costs that Lena recommended, and explain why you believe the two (2) suggested approaches would be effective in resolving the problem.

Lena recommended that Chris and Erica could focus and monitor their staff schedules if they are experiencing a slow day at the cafe, then Chris or Erica need to take action in dismissing staff to reduce operating cost of their cafe. It will be helpful for the both of them to know what days and time they have busy or slow days.

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