Information System Security and Ethical and Legal Issues

In Week 6 you will continue to work on your Final Project, which is due in Week 7. By Day 7, you will submit the following:

• Describe your ideas and recommendations about how your organization can mitigate the short-term and long-term issues that can arise with respect to data and information system security, legal, and ethical issues.

• Analyze how at least two of the following topics potentially cause legal and ethical issues/challenges when using or managing information and information systems in your organization:
  • Social media
  • Identity theft
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Workplace privacy
  • Software piracy
  • Patent/Copyright protection
  • Patent/Copyright infringement
  • Employee computer use
• Review the code of ethics from your organization and identify how the code of ethics can assist the firm in making the proper decisions to control the legal and ethical challenges it potentially faces. Please be specific and provide examples. If you see discrepancies or areas where the code is not comprehensive or inclusive, offer suggestions to further improve the policies. If you think the code is comprehensive and inclusive in its coverage as it relates to the use and management of information or information systems, describe why you think that. In either case, defend your position with sound rationale and relevant examples.
• If the organization does not have a code of ethics, explain why a code should be created and how it could assist them. Analyze the implications and risks of not having a sound code of conduct/ethics.
• Include your analysis of the effect not having a code of ethics might have on your organization if it has global operations or desires to move into the global market place. How would such an expansion require a different approach to information security, and what potentially might the organization need to consider?
• Offer other relevant recommendations or issues that you identified with a brief analysis of why they are important.

Note: If you are unable to find relevant information, you may want to look for similar information at/for other similar publically traded companies. You may find relevant information that will enable you to make appropriate inferences about your organization and make reasonable assumptions so you can proceed with your project.
If you have questions about how to apply what you are learning, or how to find the most relevant information for your organization’s needs, please discuss your choice with your Instructor using the Contact the Instructor link in the classroom.

Note : You will not formally submit anything this week. You should continue to keep your Final Project Portfolio updated, and add 1–2 slides to your final presentation that represent your preliminary recommendations to your organization, based on your learning this week. The content from this week should provide you with additional ideas for how your organization might improve its use and management of information and information systems. Your Final Project presentation will be due in Week 7.

Field of study: 
Date Due: 
Monday, April 1, 2019


WMBA 6030 Week 6 Information System Security and Ethical and Legal Issues

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