JWI 505:Asking the Right Questions

Convincing others to buy into an idea, a product, or an initiative requires listening and communicating effectively. Asking the right questions can help people to open up and to discuss upcoming changes more freely, while understanding that they have a voice in the process.

Scenario: Your company has developed a new initiative or product, or it is introducing a change to technology or personnel that will affect your team and its daily working environment. You are tasked with gathering buy-in from your team, as well as learning if they have any objections to this initiative.
  • Describe the new initiative and why it is important (e.g. a reorganization, a new product, a new technology, etc.)
  • Draft three (3) questions for your team designed to gain buy-in and support for this new initiative
  • How will you know if your questioning was effective?
  • Your team needs to know they have a voice - how will you let your team know you are listening to them and that their opinion matters?
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


JWI 505:Asking the Right Questions

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